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About Us


God’s Gospel Creation is an Atlanta-based gospel quartet group with a contemporary blend that was created in 2016. Their harmonic sound and melodic music support the biblical message they compose in the songs of their ministry. The foundation of the group was created by Douglas Baynes, James “Mystro” Walker and Michael Rounds Sr.

These gentleman and longtime friends started out singing together in a male choirs group with their church. Through the connection and passion that they shared for singing and glorifying God, they started a gospel quartet group with two other members from the church which was called “The Gospel Thunder.” As a group they performed in several states around the country for 3 years. The group eventually developed a different perspective of the direction they wanted to continue grow and decided they would separate to pursue their personal guided mission.

Douglas Baynes, Michael Rounds and James “Mystro” Walker decided to continue to work together and formed the group God’s Gospel Creation. With the guidance of their manager and production/engineer Michael Wright Sr., they work on building an incredible band which is headed by musician James “Mystro” Walker who is on keyboards.

God’s Gospel Creation developed their sound which has been influenced by such legendary groups as Commission, Lee Williams and The Spiritual QC’s, The Rance Allen Group and Take 6. They are taking the quartet sound and giving it a fusion of contemporary sound. God’s Gospel Creation focus is to minister through music and allow the true biblical word to be messaged through their songs.

Band Members


Breezy Gipson


Doug Baynes


James Walker


P.O.Box 11 Smyrna Ga 30081

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